Daniel James grew up in the lake towns of Northern New Jersey.

He can remember as a child, listening to the cicadas on summer nights and feeling entranced by the simple complexity of their song, wondering how it was that sound could travel through space in such a perfect way.

In youth, his somewhat bohemian path led him through aspects of Zen Buddhism, eventually culminating in his own reflexive belief set that yearned to escape the stubborn dogmatism of the modern human perception – one divorced and disconnected from our roots as beings of the natural world. He has always known that our evolution in this life is to escape and grow beyond “the way things are,” a program which he believes has been falsely overlaid on top of our base awareness since the dawn of recorded history.

Through abandoning cultural expectations, practicing various forms of meditation, movement techniques like Yoga and Qi Gong, and intuitive self exploration, he has followed the paths of other healers and shamans, curious to reveal more of his own story.

As life rolls onward, new teachers and skills appear, and are enfolded into the process. Daniel has several tools at his disposal to help himself and others achieve more cohesion in their physical form, as well as bolster their emotional fortitude and clarity of thought, such as but not limited to –

traditional health and lifestyle coaching
divination and dowsing,
structural bodywork,
intuitive somatic & movement exploration,
and practices in increasing metabolic efficiency

Of all these various threads, the thing that has taught him more than any other has been the simple ability to listen clearly to the inner voice and experiment with ones own way of doing, seeing, and being. Everything lies within, all our external reflections are just a reminder to point our attention inwards.

So where some may like to perfect a solitary technique; Daniel’s vision encompasses many in order to find the common vein between them all; increasing understanding of universal forces and drawing insight from many paths of intrigue and magic.

He invites you to feel into your body, to understand the origins of our thoughts and feelings, and to begin to play with these primordial forces that make us into what we are, so that we may become who we are meant to be.



Daniel has a long list of teachers and learning experiences, accumulated by his personal curiosity and desire to understand the transformational, healing experience. He believes that every man and woman has the capacity to seek out and find their divine nature and healing gift, and that certain practices can help facilitate the recovery of this fundamental truth.

Daniel is certified as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Licensed Massage Therapist in North Carolina (NC #15677) He has been fortunate to receive one on one mentoring in bodywork skills from many talented  individuals across many modalities from structural integration, polarity therapy, and beyond.

He personally wants to thank Larch Hanson (
Grace Humphrey (R.P.P.) & Deb Fox (R.P.P.) (Salem, MA)
The American Society of Dowsers (
Kurt Hardesty, Jordan Lavigne, and many others who have shared insights and skills from the heart.

In addition, he has served on the front lines of the Organic / Natural Food industry for close to a decade, seeing health trends come and go, and guiding those that inquired to avoid deceptive fads and rediscover their inner wisdom. If you are curious to hear more of this story, all it takes is a simple email to Thank you for your time and attention! Blessings to all beings on the path to self discovery!