Integrative Body & Energy Work

60min – Targeted Relief – $75

90min – Extended Session – $100

120min – Full Body Integration – $120

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If you would like to arrange an out-call session at your home, please inquire.
Due to travel time and space restrictions I may be unable to fulfill all requests.

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More on Daniel’s Style…

In his sessions, Daniel combines the traditional therapeutic massage session (Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue) with the insights and skills learned from his mentors and previous experiences with body and energy work, incorporating aspects of Polarity Therapy, Structural Bodywork, Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, etc – the result is a focus on deep relaxation and entrainment with breath work that allows for gentle release of tension all the way to deep structural alignment at the core. Intuitive and free form, Daniel approaches the body as an energetic structure and physical one simultaneously. Looking for the path of least resistance, he works from the periphery towards the core, restoring space, movement, and flexibility.

my face“In addition to my formal massage education, I have enfolded aspects of my experience with Polarity Therapy, Medical Qi-gong, Reiki, and most importantly – the techniques of my mentor, Larch Hanson. Known as the ‘sea weed man’ who makes his living from the Maine coast, he has been recognized by the Kushi Institute, a center for macrobiotic diet education. However, Larch is also a seasoned bodyworker and former student of Tom Myers.  A renowned healer, educator, practicing Dzogchen Buddhist, and advocate for sustainable interaction with nature – I follow the spirit of his teaching and make quality therapeutic healing touch available without the expensive price tag that often restricts those who most need it. With over 40 years of experience, and a desire to teach amateurs this profound work, Larch’s approach to the healing arts has inspired me towards a peoples’ movement to restore healing, therapeutic touch to our every day lives.

I believe strongly and firmly, through my experience as an apprentice of the Seaweed man, that connection with nature brings about profound transformation. First, we harmonize and entrain our mind with our breath. Then, still and centered, we can connect to our natural environment. Eventually we realize that the ‘hum’ of our beating heart is but a wave upon a wave, synchronizing with the Earth’s Pulse, the tides, solar & lunar cycles – all the way to the heart beat of the universe itself.

My clearing and restorative approach is grounded in the foundations and principles of Rolfing / Structural Integration work – but with a gentler approach that enfolds emotional and energetic awareness, conscious breathing, and guided relaxation in order to encompass all of the human systems, from physical relief of deep structural problems to the more abstract emotional and psychological well being.

Though I am not a certified Rolf Practitioner, the theories and understanding I have gleaned from my time spent with Larch has made my massage much more than the traditional Swedish relaxation techniques. More so than any specific technique, I have learned the nature of touch that often times cannot be taught, and only experienced.

I am committed to integrity in practice, and my promise is to make deep, transformative bodywork available for affordable rates.

Our tissues are the container that our awareness inhabits – through disuse we lose access to the ‘terrain’ on our ‘body map’ which, becoming stuck and stagnant, leads to pain and restriction. Structurally focused bodywork gently assists you in helping yourself reclaim this lost territory by way of focused breathing and in-the-moment presence. My hands give you a source of input that you can move against, and the work is actively something we do ~together~ rather than a passive thing that I ‘do’ to you. Together we dance a delicate dance that allows our awareness to ride our breath back into the body and wake up what has been sleeping.

We shine a light onto the dark corners of our bodies that we have lost due to injury or misuse, and bring our awareness back to these areas – which gives us the choice to continue to hold on to old patterns, or to release them.

Let it go, let it go, let it go.