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Animal Totems, Synchronicity, and Seeing the Signs

Animal Totems, Synchronicity, and Seeing the Signs

I was out digging up old garden beds when this gem from yesteryear popped out of the dirt. It was probably worn on a bracelet or necklace by myself or my sister as a kid and got lost in the dirt one day. It feels vaguely familiar.

You may be asking why I think its significant enough to post here. I found an old bead with a lizard on it in the dirt. So what? Well, lizards and amphibious tailed creatures have had a habit of following me around as of late, so I took notice immediately.

As I bent down to pick it up, I noticed the red streak on the back of a salamander wiggling in the loose dirt. Of course you could see it as a chance coincidence, but if you stick around long enough I will show you that nothing happens by accident.

Ah, another ‪#‎amphibian‬ / ‪#‎reptile‬ totem. It seems my guides are taking me back further and further in the evolution of this form. Crocodiles and Alligators and now Salamanders?

There is a story in here that I will try to convey without butchering.

As I work to unlock my spine and achieve fluid movement through my daily exercise and meditation, the allegories provided by the spirit animal totems are translatable into concrete form. We have a piece of all of these creatures in our very DNA. Our human form is obviously many steps more advanced in terms of the evolution of the ‪#‎DNA ‬but we can still see ourselves and the structures we have in our body represented in these animal forms. Creatures advanced towards vertebrae and spines – this Salamander is just another section of that transition from the world of water out into the world of air. There is incredible insight and information to be gained from understanding how we traded that ability to ‘flow’ in our watery environment out onto the surface world. We are still doing it! We are still swimming like fish in a swirling current, though the environment has changed.

So where the last ‪#‎totem‬ interjected by ‪#‎spirit‬ into my life was the ‪#‎Crocodile‬; I took insight out of the slow, fluid, and powerful movement of this particular reptile. The ability to contain massive amount of power within the jaws comes from using the entire fluid motion of the reptile body. Picture the undulation of the vertebral column flowing through water in a massive wave to at once snap your jaws enough to take down your prey. Not only that, but the croc has the second eyelid that allows under water sight. We are dealing with the intuitive, etheric nature of water. To me, now, this translates as a metaphor for being aware of the flowing currents of spirit around me. To be slow, cautious, aware, and survivable.

Today I saw another glimpse of that same fluid motion in the wiggling of the Salamander. The legs are short and stubby and seem to be mostly useless when compared to the flailing of the spine to generate motion. It is wavelike and fluid as it moves side to side. No wonder the Salamander has sometimes been known as the‪#‎LandSwimmer‬ This is for sure a motion I have been toying with and integrating into my practice as I work to free my spine from tension completely and fully engage it under my awareness – rather than let it sit stuck I am trying to free it completely. I am trying to swim gracefully through all aspects of taking this physical body through the gauntlet of life.

Learning to Swim on Land.

We also have the themes of ‪#‎regeneration‬ and ‪#‎healing‬ as some salamanders can regrow limbs or tails if bitten by predators, as well as the ‪#‎secret‬ and ‪#‎intuitive‬ as these creatures transition between water and land, night and day, and tend to hide, burrowed in damp places.

This is a very deep and primordial creature. It’s roots take us very far back into the nature of carrying a physical form made of water on the land. This secret of existing in a bridge between worlds marks personal transformation, ‪#‎alchemy‬, and ‪#‎balance‬. Like caterpillars into butterflies, or one of my personal favorites, the dragonfly, we are being called to work with the idea of ‪#‎metamorphosis‬.

Live and embrace change. Become fluid. Swim on the Land.

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