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Can be done in person, via phone, or Skype

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Holistic Health & Mentorship Program

Can be done in person, via phone, or Skype.

In 6 months you will get all of the following;

2, 1hr Check-In Sessions via phone, skype, or in-person – To give you the information you need to change, the motivation to do it, and the accountability to follow through.

Customized dietary recommendations and recipes, new information and ways to understand the body’s metabolic functions and how they relate to your experience of your body’s daily needs.

Movement prescriptions, practices that will make moving your body fun and easily achieve exercise goals. We gravitate towards effortlessness, not over-working and straining the body with strenuous exercise. Focused on increasing range of motion, ease, and comfort in daily activities.

Meditation philosophy and techniques that will help you understand what causes your stress levels, and how you can mitigate them through mindfulness. We’ll talk about how our biology expresses itself in the modern world, and how we can avoid the stress of society by living in alignment with nature down to our very breath.

Additional discounts on Massage & Bodywork Sessions during your 6 month program, invites to health inspired events, and access to online group support.

24/7 E-mail availability with additional questions or concerns between our bi-weekly meetings.

For less than a car payment a month, you’ll get to work on the one vehicle that matters most, the biological one that your spirit calls home!

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Additional Program Information:

The Core of my Holistic Health program exists in the understanding that every part of our lives is connected to our health. Nutrition is only a base template for our well being. So, somewhere between the lines of each and every dietary theory, we arrive at a place that focuses on the big picture and the available tools to take us closer towards optimum benefit. We will consider not just where and how our food is grown, but how it relates to our human quest for balance and energy based on the needs of our environment and connection to nature.

By living in a mode of experimentation and play, we find out that one way of eating is not better than another way, but that amidst all the fluctuations on our body’s quest for equilibrium, we can develop the ability to intimately feel & know what serves us and makes us feel well. Nurturing our health in this way, through discovery, allows us to form a relationship with that internal knowing, and then apply it to other areas of our lives. More so than teaching you what to eat, and how to live we are going to return you to the use of your inner compass so that you will never again be lost.

Rather than conform to and promote a specific diet or lifestyle, I aim to go deeper than a one-size-fits-all approach to help each individual develop the experiential awareness of their body, as it changes in the moment. I approach this angle with a blend of intuition and body awareness that can be developed through meditation and gentle movement practices, as well as the supporting scientific research that helps to validate otherwise abstract concepts that validate ancient wisdom.

Drawing from vastly different nutritional and dietary theories, esoteric and mainstream breathing, movement, and meditation practices, as well as the works of other amazing guides, teachers, researchers, and health practitioners – we can find the common threads to understand the greater picture and apply it specifically in the context of your own life.



Meeting You Half Way… we’ll start with the steps that will be easiest to integrate into your life, without making any drastic changes. As you begin to experience the change in your health and energy from these simple acts, we will move forward in the directions that call to you most. Whether you are interested mostly in learning nutritional theory, cooking and kitchen skills, specific rehabilitative movement, meditation or mindfulness practices, YOU will guide our sessions in the direction that benefits you most.

You Will Learn… about many different approaches to health through dietary choices, and forge your own path by doing what works for YOUR unique body & life. Whether you feel inclined to one day follow a diet based in one of many theories like Macrobiotics, Veganism, or Raw Foods, we will explore the systems and benefits of each, and learn to incorporate what makes us feel the best. Together we’ll incorporate all aspects of creating a healthy and balanced life in the mindset of playful exploration and experimentation.

Food is only one focus of many…  all areas of life are beneficially impacted as we completely address everything from interacting with an optimized environment, eating wholesome food, discovering fun and inspiring ways to move the body daily, work through and release old strain and stress, creating beneficial habits of self care, and building positive, supportive relationships. You will have an opportunity to address patterns of thinking and believing that may, once shifted, provide you the room to grow beyond old limitations.

With These Tools…  you will accumulate the positive momentum needed to build a life free of stress and conducive to achieving your greatest dreams and highest purpose. Take the energy you gain from these practices, the knowledge of self transformation that you learn and apply it to making your dreams come true, so that by living an empowered and passionate life you will change the world.

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