About Donation Based Work:

The dollar amounts provided for these services are only recommended, based on the value I put in myself, my time and energy, and the dream for the future that I am working to build.

However, all services are on a “Donate What You Take Away” basis.

If you receive value from my time and energy, all I ask is an even and equal exchange, in whatever form you wish to give. Your support helps to keep this operation going, so that I and others who may join along the way can continue to serve our greater family.

There are no commitments other than the ones you make to yourself; I only ask 30 days notice if you plan to end your participation in a monthly support program.

Trade, barter, and community exchange is welcome more so than physical currency, though at this time both are still needed.

Your passion and excitement to create a beneficial future for our children is of the utmost; and if you are yourself interested in learning about the ‘gift economy’ or how to set up your business to accept donations and alternative currencies, please get in touch.

At least, if you believe in what we are doing, hold that vision in your heart and work for it every day. If you can do that, I will have been repaid a thousand times for my work to inspire you toward change.

Here in service for all humanity,