“My Bodywork with you was really relaxing and holistic, it wasn’t “just a massage.” I could tell that you were working something much more… bodily alignment and getting me to be and feel my best.

My favorite part was the neck work… slow and intense. That’s such a sweet spot!

I appreciate how much attention you put into learning while doing, and taking my session as a chance to further hone your ability, knowledge of anatomy and theory, and practice. Thank you, again!”

“Daniel made me feel very comfortable. He is very intent on listening and connecting, to focus on areas of individual importance. A wonderful, professional experience. I wouldn’t choose anyone else!”
– Dan B.
Asheville, NC

– Myles G.
Islington, MA
“Daniel is a very talented student of Massage.”
– Evan Turneau
Asheville Massage & Natural Therapeutics
Asheville, NC

“The BEST massage experience I have ever had! This is unlike any other generic “massage” therapy. My first session with Daniel was an experience that has left me calmer, less anxious and all the tension in my pregnant, hard working, traveling body felt like it melted, not just on day one…but there are long term effects that are quite wonderful! Daniel will give you a massage and body work that will leave your entire body and soul feeling pretty incredible. If you could envision what a giant jungle cat would feel like (delicately and without claws!) kneading into your muscles that is what I describe it like — just a perfect mix of being powerfully gentle to leave your body feeling amaaaaazzzzing. Thank you Zen Bones!!”
– Mary B.
Asheville, NC
“Daniel gave me a massage today and it was restorative and regenerating. One of the best massages I have ever had!!”
– Wendy Owens
Asheville, NC


“Hey Daniel, where do I tell everyone how much I enjoyed our Bodywork? You have a fantastic intuitive touch, I enjoyed the information you shared, and I have felt great since Tuesday… like I’m back in alignment physically and energetically, thank you again! Looking forward to our next session.”

– Nicole A.
Embody Balance Yoga & Massage
Peabody, MA


“He surpassed the work of some professional massage therapists and exhibited a strong awareness of anatomy, movement, and massage.”

– Britt W.
Client, Center for Massage Student Clinic
Asheville, NC


“My visit with Daniel was fantastic and very helpful. He is highly professional and personable, so I felt at ease right away. Working with him was like meeting with an old friend. He explains his process throughout the session and is always attentive to the individual needs of the client. He works with you as your own healer rather than on you. He also encouraged and explained various breathing and movement techniques, so that I left with things I could continue to work on at home. My body felt relaxed and calmed after the session, and I learned I hold tension in places I wouldn’t have realized (such as my legs.)

Overall, I am so happy I went to Daniel for Bodywork and I would certainly recommend him to others who are in search of a skilled and caring healer. I hope to visit again sometime in the future. Thank you for your wonderful work, Daniel!”

– Vincent F.
The Bower Studio
Pelham, MA


“Daniel has been working along my side for almost two years now, giving me something more than I could ever have wished for; the gift of remembrance, personal freedom, awareness and the courage for self healing. He is kind, gentle, and looks for the best in people. I believe that he has more power in his young hands, heart and soul than he will ever know. Now that I understand, I am faced with decisions, the unknown, the long meaningful journey of life. Feeling grateful for having crossed paths! Thank you!”

– Jenelle L.